Imaging electronic sensors sensitive in visible, near infrared, short wavelength infrared spectral bands that generate two dimensional electronic images have found mass applications in industry, defense, security, science, environmental protection, medicine etc. Imaging sensors sensitive only in VIS/NIR range are almost exclusively silicon chips manufactured using a series of technologies: CCD, CMOS. ICCD, EMCCD, EBAPS, sCMOS in color or monochromatic versions. Color VIS/NIR sensors are sensitive to light only in visible range when monochromatic VIS/NIR sensors are sensitive up to about 1000nm.
InGaAs imaging sensors are sensitive mostly in SWIR range: non cooled in range from about 900nm to 1700nm; cooled sensors from about 1000nm to about 2200nm; and special broadband versions from about 600nm to about 1700nm.
Imaging sensors manufactured from black silicon of highly increased sensitivity in infrared band sensitive up to about 1300nm (or more) are a recent market novelty.

VIT is a station for expanded testing of silicon, black silicon and InGaAs imaging sensors. The station is built as system that offers five functions: a) calibrated light source or regulated light intensity and spectrum, b)high quality image projector, c)electronic controller of imaging sensors, d)frame grabber, e)software for image analysis. Combination of these functions enables measurement of all important parameters of silicon/black silicon/InGaAs imaging sensors.

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