Computer simulators

There are three computer simulators offered by INFRAMET:

  • SIMTERM - computer simulator of thermal imagers,
  • VIRTEST - computer simulator of test proces thermal imagers ( MRTD measurement)
  • NIGHTMET - computer simulator of image intensifier tubes
Simterm Virtest Nightmet
Simterm is computer program that enables generation of thermal images closely resembling thermal images of many targets at different scenarios obtained with the simulated thermal camera. It is an excellent tool that convert your PC into a simulated thermal cameras. This simulator can be used for training operators of thermal cameras or for design optimization during development of new thermal imagers.

Virtest is a computer program that enables simulation of measurement process of the most important parameters of thermal imagers: minimal resolvable temperature difference MRTD. It is an excellent tool for training operators of test systems to be used for measurement of MRTD of thermal imagers.

Nightmet is a computer program that simulates a small part of an image intensifier tube seen using a microscope during measurement of resolution of an image intensifier tube at different light intensity levels. The user can regulate light intensity that can be changed from very dark night conditions to bright night conditions. Next, the user can change type of simulated image intensifier tube from a list of tubes. We prepared five tubes of different quality (different parameters like resolution, MTF, SNR, MBN). It is possible to carry out comparison of images generated by these tubes and find how the parameters mentioned earlier influence final image quality. In this way Nightmet enables visualization of influence of different parameters of II tubes on final tubes performance. It is an excellent support for operators of systems for testing image intensifier tubes.

Simterm is a commercial computer programs and only demo version can be downloaded freely. Virtest and Nightmet are our gifts to international community of professionals involved in testing electro-optical imaging systems and complete versions can be downloaded freely.