Test systems

Inframet is the only company on the world market that can offer full spectrum of equipment for testing all types of electro-optical imaging &laser systems ( thermal imagers, night vision devices, VIS-NIR cameras (CCD/CMOS/ICCD/EBAPS) cameras, SWIR cameras, UV cameras, laser range finders, laser designators, laser illuminators, laser pointers, multi-sensor surveillance systems, fused imagers) and modules of such systems (image intensifier tubes, IR FPAs sensors, CCD/CMOS/EBAPS sensors, streak tubes, discrete IR detectors).   Please look for details in sections devoted to different types of electro-optical systems and modules. These unique manufacturing capabilities make possible for Inframet to offer a wide range of test systems  optimized for specific needs of potential customers.

Inframet proposals can be generally divided into three groups depending on complexity of offered test equipment:

  • Test system for single EO system
  • Package of test systems for  several  EO systems
  • National metrology system for EO technology

A test system for a single EO system (example DT system for testing thermal imagers) is considered as a simplest case. Great majority of orders belong to this group. However, all our test systems can be delivered in a series of versions of different technical sophistication. Therefore in this group can be found both simple low cost systems for testing short range imagers and expensive, sophisticated systems for   testing long range space imagers.

 Package of test systems for testing several  EO systems is an option suited for big manufacturers of EO systems or maintenance/repairing  workshops that need to test a wide range of EO systems and prefer a single supplier of test equipment responsible for metrology of EO systems.

National metrology system for EO technology is the highest grade order that Inframet can carry out. In this case Inframet delivers  systems  for testing all types of EO system, calibration sets and know-how how to recalibrate the calibration sets using existing local metrology centers.  In this way customer country achieve capabilities to test EO systems without any dependence to external centers.