Target simulators

Simat simulator is an advanced hardware simulator capable to simulate in infrared range several targets on quasi uniform background. In detail Simat simulator is a modular image projector capable to simulate in infrared range variable intensity, variable angular size, variable spectrum, spatially and temporally dynamic airborne type targets on quasi uniform background. Basically the aim of Simat to enable simulation typical airborne targets like aircrafts or helicopters for infrared imaging sensors used for surveillance of these targets. Optionally Simat can be modernized to enable simulation in both IR and UV/visible ranges as the projectors are built using broadband reflective optical elements.


Fig.1. Several shots from a thermal imager looking at SIMAT simulator simulating two airborne targets at long distance

Fig.2. Simat photo

Basic features of SIMAT simulator

Function Description
Simulated scenery Two small size, variable intensity, variable size, dynamic targets on quasi uniform variable temperature background. PC controlled trajectory. More targets of non regulated size.
Field of view Image of scenery of 5°x5° angular size (or 7° circular) is projected. By rotation of the tested sensor fixed on the MD2D motion table the simulated field of view can be increased up to 120 deg (circular).
Spectral range 1-6 mm (can be extended to cover UV, Visible, and LW IR)
Background simulation Variable temperature semi-transparent blackbody.
Method of creating image of two independent targets Combining of images of two targets generated by two off axis reflective collimators using reflective beam combiner
Distance simulation method Continuous regulation of angular size of the targets using electronically controlled apertures. Simplified versions: step regulation.
Angular movement simulation method regulation of angular position of mirrors in beam combiner
Regulation of radiation emitted by the targets Temperature regulation of blackbodies/IR sources and by use of neutral attenuators
PC control Distance to the targets (angular size of the targets), target angular position, targets radiation (temperature regulation)