We have had some problems to get full payment for the goods we delivered with about a dozen of different customers. The reasons were different: from financial problems to claims that our equipment does to fulfill all technical requirements or even some expectations of the customer. However almost all these payment arguments have been already settled and we have been finally paid without necessity to go to courts. There is however one bad exception from this rule: Opticos Corporation (

We are very sad to inform publicly that Opticos Corporation - the company that claims to be the world largest manufacturer of equipment for the measurement of optical image quality and a leading provider of optical product development services- is our the most dishonest and arrogant debtor.

Short history of our unlucky business relationship with Opticos Corporation,USA

Date Action
December 2006 We get telephone call and later emails from Barry K. Logue VP, Sales and Marketing, Optikos Corporation 286 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue Cambridge, MA 02141. From the information delivered to Inframet is clear that Optikos Corporation won over a year ago a tender in Pakistan for a system for testing image intensifier tubes; Optikos Corporation is not able to manufacture the required test station and wants to buy Inframet the ITS-I test station for testing image intensifier  tubes.
January 22, 2007 Contract no OPTIKOS 010809 is signed. Contract value: 126 760 Eur. Payment terms: 30% prepayment, 50% - 14 days after shipment to USA; 20% - 14 days after installation.
March 9, 2007 Inframet gets 30% prepayment from Optikos Corporation
May 25,2007 ITS-I test station ordered by Optikos Corporation is  shipped by Air France to Boston, USA.
June 2007 Emails from Jamie Hutchins, David Imrie from Optikos Corporation that confirms that Optikos Corporation had received our goods and that is going to resell these goods to Pakistan
July-December 2007 No payment of  50% of the contract that Inframet should receive not later than June 10,2007 ( 14 days after delivery of the goods to USA). The reason presented by Jamie Hutchins from Optikos Corporation is that they have legal problems with the final customer in Pakistan. Several promises that the 50% payment shall be carried out soon.
November 30, 2007 Email from Jamie Huthins informing us that it was his predecessor, Barry Logue, who arranged this contract, not him. However from legal point of view we had  not signed the contract with a person Barry Logue but with the company Optikos Corporation.
August-December 2008 Negotiations with Optikos Corporations by a debt recovery company in USA. Many oral and written promises by the management of Optikos Corporation to pay the debt to Inframet. No real effects.
January 2009-August 2010 Inframet is waiting patiently hoping that Optikos Corporation finally will pay its debts. Our emails to Optikos are ignored.
September 2010 A decision is taken to present publicly the information about dishonest and arrogant behavior of Optikos Corporation and prepare proper documents needed to start a legal case against Optikos Corporation in court.

We are surprised that a reputable high-tech company like Optikos Corporation can behave in so dishonest and arrogant way that can be potentially damaging for them. It is clear that this case presents Optikos Corporation as technically weak company that was forced to buy crucial technology from Inframet and at the same time is dishonest not to pay for the purchased goods.