The EXTRIMUS Exhibition

The aim of EXTRIMUS exhibition is to present to international audience results of grant no. MAZOWSZE/0043/19 funded by by National Center for Research and Development of Poland in form of EXIR series systems. Those systems are the first reported test systems in the world that enable accurate testing of thermal imagers at extreme conditions. The potential applications of new EXIR systems are enormous. These new test systems can bring revolution in thermal imaging metrology. They offer to deliver tests that are extremely important both for users and manufacturers of thermal imagers in both military and civilian applications.

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Fig. 1. Photos of a) EXIR-1, b) EXIR-2, c) EXIR-3 systems for testing thermal imagers at extreme conditions

The Extrimus exhibition is to be organized at date October 24-26, 2022 in Poland. Here you can find preliminary program of EXTRIMUS Exhibition.

The EXTRIMUS Exhibition is a great opportunity to see and practically use systems that offer accurate testing thermal imagers working at extreme conditions. So far such systems have not been available. Application of these new test systems can enable development of new generation of thermal imagers that can work perfectly both at laboratory and field conditions.

Please contact Inframet if you are interested to participate.