Educational services

Inframet is basically a top world manufacturer of equipment for testing electro-optical imaging/laser systems. Therefore main task is Inframet is manufacturing test systems and modules of such systems (thermal imagers, VIS-NIR cameras, SWIR imagers, laser range finders, laser pointers, multi sensor imaging/laser systems, optical sights, night vision devices, image intensifier tubes). It is typical that Inframet engineers carry out short (several days) operational training having aim to train customer to do proper operation/maintenance of delivered test systems. However, Inframet can deliver also more expanded educational training as it possesses unique scientific know how in field of EO technology that expands much beyond test equipment.
                                                    Fig.1. Basic programs of two major types of educational services

Inframet offers two main types of expanded educational services:
1. Thermal imaging technology: physical principles, manufacturing models, design rules, technical divisions, future trends
2. Electro-optical imaging/laser metrology: division of electro-optical technology, short technical review of each types of EO systems, characterizations, equipment and methods of testing EO systems

The first course is especially targeted for teams that want design of new thermal imagers and need to master design rules and understand present/future technical trends of this fascinating technology. The course can be also useful for anyone who needs practical knowledge on physical principles, manufacturing models, design rules, technical divisions, future trends of thermal imaging.
The second course is targeted for scientific institutions/governmental agencies who want to understand division of EO technology, principles of work of each types of EO systems, and characterizations and testing of EO imaging/laser systems (including practical tests of exemplary EO systems). The course includes also standardization of test method, optimal tender requirements, optimal test system and proper interpretation of measurement results.

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