Color blackbodies

DCB dual-color blackbody is a broadband reference source of optical radiation having emitter module that simultaneously reflects light emitted by an external shortwave light source (source emitting in range from UV to SWIR) and emits longwave thermal radiation in MWIR-LWIR region. The name originates from the fact that it works like a typical blackbody in middle/far infrared range but its emitter appear to be white from middle UV range to middle SWIR range.

DCB color blackbody is built by combining slightly modified (different emitter) TCB differential area blackbody with an exchangeable external light source. Aseries of light sources can be used as emitters of short wave light (multi-LED, halogen, optional xenon) depending on desired spectral band of emitted light. Design of DCB color blackbody is based on patent pending technology developed by Inframet.

Fig.1. Photo of DCB-2D-SEM2 color blackbody

In general DCB color blackbody belongs to agroup of broadband radiation sources called fused blackbodies that are offered on international market from several vendors. However DCB color blackbody significantly differs from similar devices. In contrast to typical fused blackbodies DCB color blackbody can emit high intensity light of spectrum similar to Sun light in wide spectral band (from middle UV to middle SWIR) behaving at the same time as near perfect blackbody (emissivity over 0.95) in MWIR-LWIR spectral band. The competing fused blackbodies emit light of several times lower maximum luminance, having narrow light spectrum that does not resemble Sun light and have emitters of lower emissivity at MWIR-LWIR band.

DCB color blackbody is a perfect solution for a broadband reference source in systems for testing multi-sensor/fused surveillance systems eliminating need for mechanical exchange of typical blackbody with typical light source and making the test system more compact, lighter and more reliable.

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