Meters offered by Inframet are basically meters designed to support calibration of test systems manufactured by Inframet.   The meters can be divided into three groups:

  1. Temperature meters
  2. Luminance meters
  3. Dioptric power meters
TM6 temperature meter LM-1 luminance meter
TM1000 temperature meter DPM46 dioptric  power meter

TM6 is an ultra-precision, ultra-stable temperature meter optimized to be used as a tool for recalibration of low/medium temperature blackbodies manufactured by Inframet (TCB, DAB, MTB, BLIQ, MAB).

LM1 is a precision luminance meter optimized for two basic applications: A) as an external meter in stations for testing night vision devices, B) as a tool for recalibration of light sources (DAL, SAL, H40, H150, L150).   

TM-1000 thermometers are a laboratory-grade precision digital thermometers which use thermocouples as temperature sensor. The meters are controlled from PC/laptop/tablet via USB port using specialized software. TM-1000 temperature meters have been developed meters for for recalibration of high temperature cavity blackbodies manufactured by Inframet (HTB, UHT).

DPM46 is a meter of dioptric power of oculars of electro-optical devices. In detail, DPM46 meter determines diopter power of refractive eye defect of human observer that can be corrected for current position of ocular of tested direct view  EO system ior determines what ocular position is needed to correct a certain level of refractive eye defect of human observer.  DPM46 can significantly improve comfort of use of electro-optical systems manufactured for direct view by human observers having refractive eye defects.