Meters offered by Inframet are basically meters designed to support calibration of test systems manufactured by Inframet. The meters can be divided into three groups:

  1. Temperature meters
  2. Luminance meters
  3. Dioptric power meters
TM6 temperature meter LM-1 luminance meter
TM1000 temperature meter DPM66 dioptric power meter

TM6 is an ultra-precision, ultra-stable temperature meter optimized to be used as a tool for recalibration of low/medium temperature blackbodies manufactured by Inframet (TCB, DAB, MTB, BLIQ, MAB).

LM1 is a precision luminance meter optimized for two basic applications: A) as an external meter in stations for testing night vision devices, B) as a tool for recalibration of light sources (DAL, SAL, H40, H150, L150).

TM-1000 thermometers are a laboratory-grade precision digital thermometers which use thermocouples as temperature sensor. The meters are controlled from PC/laptop/tablet via USB port using specialized software. TM-1000 temperature meters have been developed meters for for recalibration of high temperature cavity blackbodies manufactured by Inframet (HTB, UHT).

DPM66 is a meter of diopter power of eyepieces of direct view electro-optical devices (telescopic sights, night vision devices, thermal sights/monoculars/binoculars. DPM66 can significantly improve comfort of use of electro-optical imaging systems manufactured for direct view by human observers having refractive eye defects.

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