Optical tables

The primary goal of a well designed optical table is to eliminate relative motion between components of test system located on the surface of the optical table because such motion can generate measurement errors.

AT is a series of optical tables manufactured by Inframet and optimized for use with Inframet test systems. The tables are built from two main blocks: 1) a support frame, 2) table plate. The support frame is made as a steel frame combined with rubber isolation absorbers. The table plate is made as thick (150 mm) from mostyly fibreboard slab in external steel frame. The table plate is characterized by excellent thermal stability and vibration damping properties.  Typical sizes of AT tables are up to 1500 mm times 3000 mm. Bigger sizes are optionally possible.

Fig. 1. Photo of ATAB1228 optical  table (size 1200x2800mm) 

The tests have shown that even in heavy industry buildings  AT tables reduce  vibrations  to level not noticeable by even vibration sensitive test systems (like ORI test stations for testing optical objectives) and make measurement results not sensitive to acoustic vibrations in air, vibrations generated by moving mechanical parts in test system (like MRW 8 rotary wheel) or to vibrations transmitted from the building to the optical table through the table support.