Computing system

Computing system COS is a typical PC with installed frame grabber cards and specialized software optimized for testing surveillance EO systems or modules of such systems. There are three main taks of COS system:

  1. Control of blocks of Inframet test systems like blackbodies, rotary wheels, light sources.
  2. Capture and analysis of images from tested EO imaging systems or cameras used in Inframet test systems
  3. Data processing and calculation of parameters of tested systems.

COS system is built from three main blocks: PC, frame grabbing block, test software. The PC is the heart of the COS system and is connected both to the test system and to the tested EO system. Standard PCs (desktop PC or laptop) are used as part of COS system. PCs used in Inframet systems are similar to typical PCs used in office applications but still there are several significant differences. Inframet does not buy complete brand PCs offered on the market but builts its own PCs from basic modules in order to achieve high compatibility with installed frame grabbers, compatibility with electronics of the test system and high system reliability.

Inframet offers a long series of frame grabbers that enable acquisition of electronic image in many electronic image standards: analog video (PAL, NTSC), CameraLink, GigE, LVDS, CVBS, CoaXPress, DVI, HD-SDI, HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD, HDMI, Fire Wire. Inframet can also capture video images transmitted via USB 2.0/3.0 and Ethernet interfaces or from cameras generating images in non standard formats. These acquisition capabilities have been practically verified by Inframet systems used to test EO imagers from great majority of EO manufactures. Practically it means that Inframet COS system can capture and analyse 8-bit (option up to 16 bit) images from virtually all EO imagers offered on the market.

Inframet offers a long series of specialized computer programs to suppot tests of different EO systems as shown in table below. These programs can cooperate and create powerfull user friendly test systems.

Table 1. List of computer programs used in Inframet test systems

Thermal imagers

VIS-NIR cameras

SWIR imagers

TCB Control
TAS-T assistant
BOR boresight assistant

DAL Control
TAS-V assistant
BOR boresight assistant

SAL Control
TAS-S test assistant
BOR boresight assistant

Night Vision Devices

Laser systems

Multi-sensor systems

Nimax Control
Nicom Control
BOR boresight assistant

LE Control
LF Control
Pulse Browser

TCB Control                  SUB-T
TAS-T assistant               BOR assistant
SEM Control                    DAL Control
TAS-V assistant               SUB-V
Pulse Browser                  MET

UV imagers

THz imagers

IR FPAs sensors

UVIC Display
UVIR Control
TUVIR Assistant

MAB Control

TCB Control                     TAN
TIM                                  ROB
MIRAD Control                SPOT Control

Image intensifiers

VIS-SWIR FPAs sensors

Discrete detectors

ITIP Display
ITI Display
ITP Display
ITR Configurator
TAS-I test assistant 

VIT Control
SIT Control
SOL Control
TAS-SW assistant

TRAL Control


Light sources


TORI assistant
TOPO assistant

DAL Control
SAL Control

TCB Control                    DAP Control
BLIQ Control                   MTB Control
HTB Control                    UTB Control
MAB Control



Main windows of four Inframet computer programs.

These computer programs are parts of test systems manufactured by Inframet and are used mostly to calcultate parameters measured by these systems.  Lists of measured paramaters and other features  can be found in data sheets of test systems presented in Test Systems section.

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