Multispectral imagers

Multispectral imagers are imaging systems capable to generate up to about a dozen of monochromatic/bandpass images of scenery of interest. Broadband multispectral imagers are imaging systems capable to deliver images in broadband spectral band from visible to far infrared. They are typically built by combining several bandpass imagers (like thermal imager, VIS-NIR camera, SWIR camera) with a VIS-SWIR multispectral/hyperspectral imager (capable to capture images in dozens of narrow spectral bands) into a single broadband multi-spectral imaging system. Long range imagers are imaging systems optimized for surveillance of long distance targets of interest at distance over about 10km. This section is devoted to testing long range b roadband multispectral imag ers for both land, sea or space applications.

MULTIC is a high-tech specialized test system developed for testing long range broadband multispectral imaging systems. It is a calibrated image projector capable to projects reference images of different shape/size/light intensity at different spectral bands from visible to far infrared range.MULTIC is built as an off axis Newton type collimator of fixed, compact structure having a set of exchangeable reference targets located at collimator focal plane and irradiated mostly bya single broadband multispectral radiation source. This special radiation source coded as VASIP is the heart of this test system. Additional TCB blackbody is used to carry out some tests specific for thermal imagers. This new design concept enables to achieve ultra wide test capabilities keeping at the same time ultra high system boresight accuracy and reliability.

Fig.1. Photo of Multic400 test system

It should be noted that the border between multispectral imagers and hyperspectral imagers is fluid.Therefore MULTIC can be also condidered as a tester of broadband hyperspectral imagers that generated images in lower number of spectral bands.

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