Optical systems

Optics used in electro-optical technology can be divided into optical modules and optical systems.  Optical objectives are important modules used in all types of electro-optical imaging systems: thermal imagers, night vision devices, VIS-NIR cameras, SWIR cameras, UV camers. Two types of optical systems (telescopic sights and binoculars) have found mass applications in both military and civilian applications.  Precision testing is needed by both manufactures and users of these optical modules or systems.

Inframet offers three main stations for testing optical modules/systems: ORI,  OPO, and OLO.

ORI is a quasi universal test station that enables expanded testing of of optical objectives operating in all typical spectral bands: VIS, VIS-NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR. At the same time high accuracy of measurements, high measurement speed and and user friendly test operation is offered. This universality makes ORI a perfect choice for both scientific institutes and manufacturers of wide range of optical objectives. Some of best in the world optical objectives for SWIR/MWIR/LWIR spectral bands have been developed using ORI test station.

Fig.1. Photo of ORI system for testing optical objectives

 OPO test station is a modular, quasi universal station for optimized for testing telescopic sights (afocal systems working in visible band). This station enables objective measurement of a series of important parameters of such sights. In situation when there are many telescopic sights offered on international market of very different quality and price OPO station can quickly and reliably determine real quality of tested telescopic sights.

Fig.3. Photo of OPO station for testing telescopic sights

OLO test station is a modular, quasi universal station for testing optical binoculars. This station enables measurement of a series of important parameters of optical binoculars. OLO is built using a concept of computerized system that carries out analysis of reference images generated by tested optical binoculars. It is a very useful tool for manufacturing, maintenance or repairing of optical binoculars.

Fig.4. Photo of OLO station for testing binoculars

Inframet can deliver also DPM66 diopter power meter. This device measures dioptric power of oculars of electro-optical devices. In detail, DPM66 meter determines diopter power of refractive eye defect of human observer that can be corrected for current position of ocular of tested direct view EO system or determines what ocular position is needed to correct a certain level of refractive eye defect of human observer. More details on DPM66 can be found in section on meters.

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