THz cameras

Passive THz imagers are capable to see thru thin obstacles and are a very interesting solutions for short distance surveillance applications like airport screening, prison screening etc. Ability to create images of targets hidden by humans under clothes is particularly interesting. This ability can be evaluated when a set of parameters of these imagers is measured and known.

Passive surveillance THz cameras can be tested using the same methodology as surveillance thermal imagers but significant modifications of test equipment are needed. THP test system is a test system that enables expanded testing of passive THz cameras. The system is based on large differential area THz blackbody and a set of exchangeable reflective targets of different shapes. The THP test system is located at some distance from the tested THz camera. The camera generates copies of the projected images. Quality of the images generated by the camera is evaluated by human observers of by software and important characteristics of the camera are measured (the same parameters as of thermal imagers). The THP test set does not use collimator for image projection and the distance target-imager must be longer than the minimal focusing distance of the tested THz camera. Different patterns can be projected into the direction of the tested camera.

Photo of the THP8D test system

Data sheets:

THP test system is the first commercially available worldwide test system for testing passive THz cameras.

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