Thermal imagers

Thermal imagers sensitive in MWIR and LWIR spectral bands  are one of  crucial surveillance technologies for defense/security sector. These imagers  have also found mass applications outside defense sector. Testing  thermal imagers is needed for both manufacturers, maintenance workshops and final users for a set of different and important reasons. Hi-tech test equipment can help significantly in manufacturing, maintenance, training, purchase optimization, and optimal use of  these expensive imagers.

 DT system offered in a series of versions is the most popular Inframet  system for testing thermal imagers. It can be used for testing at laboratory/depot conditions virtially all surveillance thermal  imagers     offered on international markets, including long range thermal  imagers for space application. All  important parameters can be measured. Vertical configuration design method (blackbody and rotary wheel is on the collimator)  enables design of compact test systems of high thermal uniformity of projected reference images.

a)   b)  
Fig.1. Photos of several DT systems: a)DT150, b)DT110, c)DT400 
INFRAMET offers also additional    systems for testing thermal imagers: TAIM, TYFEV,  SIM, DTR, TCLIP, LAFT, WAP. SAFT.   

a) TAIM is a special version of DT system optimized for testing thermal sights and thermal clip ons.
b) TFEV is modular professional system optimized for testing fever screeing
c) SIM is a  simple,  low cost system designed to enable focusing and resolution measurement of thermal imagers. 
d) DTR is a system built using a refractive collimator  optimized for testing  small  thermal imagers of very wide FOV.
e) TCLIP is a tester of thermal clip ons that enables fast checking  of proper aligning of of thermal clip on.
f) LAFT is mobile test station designed to enable basic testing surveillance thermal imagers at field/depot conditions.
g) WAP is a portable wide angle projector optimized  for testing imagers of  medium/wide FOV.
h) SAFT is a small test system  for testing measurement thermal imagers designed for short focus distance.  
a) b)
c)  d)  
e)  f)  
g)  h) 

Fig.2.  Photos of several additional test systems: a)TAIM, b)TFEV, c)SIM, d)DTR, e)TCLIP, f)LAFT, g) WAP,  h) SAFT  system


 There are many low cost blackbodies offered on international market that can be used potentially for two point NUC applications. However, due to significant and specular reflectivity, noticeable thermal uniformity and temporal sta¬≠bility, and not ability to work in temperature chambers these blackbodies are not suitable for professional applications. Inframet offers BNUC series  sets of blackbodies  optimized for professional two point NUC applications.

Fig,3. Photo of BNUC-TCB+BAP-6D  blackbody set

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