Space imagers

Space imagers  are  a fast growing group of high-end  electro-optical imaging systems. They can be treated as a special type of long range imagers. Great majority of space imagers are VIS-NIR cameras sensitive in visible and near infrared range.However, space imagers in form of SWIR imagers or thermal imagers (mostly MWIR imagers) are becoming increasingly popular.

    Space imagers are imagers intended to work in space  at extreme conditions: 1)vacuum, 2)extreme temperatures. Therefore imaging performance  tests of space imagers can be divided into three  stages:

  1. Tests at typical laboratory conditions (normal air pressure, ambient temperature about 20ÂșC),
  2. Tests at extreme temperatures (tests at typical temperature chambers),
  3. Tests at space simulation conditions (tests at special vacuum/temperature chambers).

Inframet can deliver test systems for all three test levels of tests of space imagers.
 Systems for Level 1 tests are modified versions of Inframet typical systems for testing electro-optical imagers (thermal imagers, VIS-NIR cameras, SWIR imagers) at mainly laboratory conditions. Systems for Level 2 tests are typically built as a systems composed from a Level 1 test system and a special translucent temperature chamber where the tested imager is inserted. Systems for Level 3 tests are  very special and rarely built customized image projectors capable to work both at vacuum and at extreme temperatures without noticeable degradation of image quality of projected image.

Modified TVT systems for testing VIS-NIR cameras  specified at  are most popular systems manufactured by Inframet  for testing space imagers (sold under SAT-TVT name). There are three main modifications of SAT-TVT systems  comparing to typical TVT systems:
  1. Improved manufacturing accuracy of mirror used for off axis reflective collimators (needed to assure ultra high quality of projected images),
  2. Improved accuracy of  infinity focusing (critical parameter for testing non-focusing space imagers of long focal lenght)
  3. Light source calibrated for work in a series of both broadband and narrow band modes  in VIS-NIR band (systems can be use for testing both imagers for surveillance applications and remote sensing applications).  
   Modified TVT systems are only example of Inframet offer becasue practically almost all Inframet test systems can be modified for Level 1 testing space imagers. Please analyse Inframet typical systems can also deliver systems for Level 2/Level 3 tests but these are customized test systems. Please deliver detail technical  specifications of space imager to be tested and then Inframet shall present technical offer.

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