Test services

INFRAMET offers two types of services in field of electro-optical imaging systems: 1)Trainining and consulting; 2)Test services.


INFRAMET can provide training and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Testing and evaluation of thermal cameras, VIS-NIR cameras, SWIR cameras,  image intensifier systems,  multisensor surveillance systems, IRFPA detectors, image intensifier tubes, optical objectives (test methods, test equipment, interpretation of test results).
  • Feasibility studies in field of E-O imaging systems (market analysis, writing proper specifications for purchase of E-O imaging systems, design optimization).

Attention:  We do not provide infrared thermography and non destructive thermal testing (NDTT) services.


Inframet offer test services of thermal imagers, night vision devices, VIS-NIR cameras, SWIR cameras, laser range finders/designators, multi-sensor surveillance systems,  image intensifier tubes and optical objectives of sights.   

If you have further questions please contact us.  Example refernces are in section References.