IR FPA sensors

Three main products are offered for manufacturers and users of IR FPA sensors:

  1. FT test system
  2. MIRAD irradiator
  3. SPOT test system.

FT is a turnkey system that generates IR radiation of precisely controlled spatial and temporal distribution to the input plane of IR FPA, controls the tested IR FPA; and finally carries out semi-automatic analysis of the output signal necessary to perform characterization of the tested IR FPA /thermal camera core). The system enables measurement of all important parameters (noise/sensitivity, image quality, and spectral parameters) of IR FPA sensors/thermal camera cores.

FT-N1 configuration of FT test system (measurement of noise/responsivity parameters in static flood mode)

FT-I configuration of FT test system (measurement of image quality parameters)

FT system can be delivered in a series of versions optimized for different test range of thermal camera cores and IR FPA sensors. Next, the system can be optionally delivered in ultra expanded version that enable also testing complete thermal imagers.

MIRAD irradiator SPOT test station

MIRAD is an infrared irradiator optimized to work as a block of machines that test semiconductor wafers used to manufacture LWIR/MWIR FPA imaging sensors. In detail, Mirad has been designed to replace IA-OPT385WL illuminator (emitting light in VIS-SWIR band) in IP750 Image Testing machine from Teradyne Inc. In other words, Mirad is a middle/far infrared radiation source that can irradiate tested wafer with regulated intensity and high uniformity. MIRAD can be also optimized to work as irradiator in other semiconductor wafers test machines offered on international market.

SPOT test station enables precision testing of wafers  used for manufacturing of MWIR/SWIR sensors (optionally cooled LWIR sensors).  The tests are done for a special wafer having a single active pixel (like in real FPA sensor) connected to a preamplifier and test electronics. From designer point of view SPOT is a scanning light spot projector that projects ultra small light spot on surface of tested MWIR FPA combined with electronic system that measures output signal generated by a single active pixel of tested FPA.

It enables  direct measurement of spatial responsivity distribution function  and indirect accurate measurement of Modulation Transfer Function and cross-talk of tested IR wafer. In this way SPOT delivers valuable information that enables optimization of wafer technology and development of FPA sensors of ultra small crosstalk and very good MTF.

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