Laser systems

Laser systems (laser range finders, laser designators, laser receivers,  laser trackers, laser pointers, laser countemeasures)  are one of crucial technologies for defense/security sector and   have also found mass applications outside defense sector. Testing laser systems  is needed for both manufacturers, maintenance workshops and final users for a set of different and important reasons. Hi-tech test equipment can help significantly in manufacturing, maintenance, training, purchase optimization, and optimal use of night vision devices.

Inframet offers a series of test stations to support testing and boresight of laser systems: LTE , LTF, LJT120 , L64, LIP, LT, LAS, JALI, LMOB, LBOR. 

 LTE test station  LTF test station
 LJT120 test station  L64 test station
 LIP test station: a)BIS imaging system,
b)COP optical power meter
JALI test station
LIS test station LAS test station
LMOB test station LBOR test station

Code Design concept Test capabilities Recommendations
LTE System to measure parameters of pulses emitted by transmitter of tested LRF, Generator of short optical pulses (two methods: electronic simulation or fiber optic simulation) Pulse energy, pulse width, pulse frequency, beam divergence, receiver sensitivity, distance accuracy, boresight errors, Extinction Ratio Ultra advanced, universal tester of laser range finders or laser designators for R&D projects, repairing workshops, manufacturing quality control of LRFs and laser designators
LTF Generator of short pulses using calibrated fiber optic channel Extinction Ratio, distance accuracy, distance discrimination (option), checking boresight Excellent tool for final quality control of LRFs

LJT generates three overlapped images: 1)laser spot emitted by the transmitter, 2)cross reticle of the aiming device,
3) detector of the receiver.

boresight transmitter/ receiver/ aiming channel Excellent boresight tool  for manufacturers, integrators or repair workshops
L64 Generator of short optical pulses of regulated parameters using electronic generator based on laser diode emitter Checking sensitivity and boresight accuracy of laser receivers or laser trackers Excellent tool to test laser receivers and laser trackers
LIP System to measure parameters of beams emitted by laser pointers/illuminators that accepts beams of very wide range of divergence and power Power, divergence Excellent tool to test laser pointers and laser illuminators
LIS LIS station can be considered as a highly simplified version of LTE station. The station is optimized to test
a specific type of LRF but its buyer can define parameters of LRF to be tested. 
Optimized for maintenance tests. 
JALI System  for testing and boresight of thermal range infrared lasers. Ultra accurate measurement of divergence angle,  temporal and spatial stability professional system for testing and  boresight of thermal range infrared lasers.
LAS System to enable measurement of operational range or extinction ratio ER  at field conditions  Operational range,  extinction ratio ER Recommended for testing LRFs  at field conditions or to verify performance of laboratory class  test stations.

Variable distance simulator for testing receivers electronics of laser range finders

Distance measurement accuracy Field tests of LRFs

Portable boresight tester of transmitters of laser range finders to be aligned with optical sights or VIS-NIR video cameras

Boresight errors

Field tests of LRFs fixed to  mechanical vehicles

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