Streak tubes

Streak tubes are the most important modules of streak cameras used for the study of ultra fast optical phenomena. The latter cameras are tools of critical importance in many areas of science and technology like studies of plasma/electric discharge/ combustion/laser ablation/ condensed matter phenomenon, in optical communications, electron beam acceleration technology, photochemistry, medicine, biology etc. Streak cameras have made possible a series of important scientific discoveries in earlier mentioned areas of science and technology.
Precision information about parameters of streak tubes is needed both by manufacturer of such tubes in improve tube design and by users of these tubes to correct data generated by the tubes and make possible more accurate interpretation of output images.
Images generated by streak tubes are always spatially and temporally distorted. Spatial resolution give information about minimal size of targets that can be analyzed, and temporal resolution - about shortest temporal phenomenon. Next, distortion give information about displacement of parts of image relative to original targets and knowledge means possibility to correct these image imperfections.
Brightness of screen of streak tube depends on intensity and wavelength of light incoming to tube photocathode. Knowledge about relationship between screen radiance and photocathode irradiance at different wavelengths makes possible absolute radiometric evaluation of images generated by streak tubes.

STR station is quasi universal system for testing streak tubes. The station enables measurement of virtually all parameters of streak tubes: radiometric parameters, spatial parameters, and temporal parameters. Next, the station is delivered in a form of stand alone, computerized station capable to enable semi-automatic testing of streak tubes. Finally, test capabilities of STR station can be optionally expanded to enable testing streak camera, too.

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