Fever screening

Inframet is basically a manufacturer of equipment for testing surveillance electro-optical imaging/laser systems mostly used for defense and security applications. However, some of Inframet test systems have beeen used for many years for testing measurement thermal imagers employed for SARS prevention. The company has participated also in EU scientific project to develop ultra high accuracy measurement thermal camera for medical applications. Finally, Inframet has developed a series of non-cooled thermal camera cores for its internal use or as parts of our test apparatus. On basis of such know how Inframet has developed a high performance thermographic system for human febrile temperature screening coded TREEN that can be built using typical off shelf portable surveillance thermal imagers. It is expected to be used as a tool to detect potentially infectious individuals having fever symptoms. TREEN is a technology developed by Inframet and offered to manufacturers of portable surveillance thermal imagers that makes possible rapid modernization of already manufactured military type surveillance thermal imagers into professional fever screening thermographs or to start production of specialized medical screening thermographs for prevention of fever-producing infectious diseases like coronavirus.


Fig.1. TREEN a)photo of thermograph system, b)thermal image of tested human

There are many fever screening thermographs offered on the market. However, great majority of them do not fullfil requirements on IEC 80601-2-59 standard on on fever screening thermographs in situation when TREEN parameters significantly exceed requirements of this standard. High performance BMED blackbody is one of reasons of this superiority. A set of techniques to improve accuracy of temperature measurement combined with advanced software is the second reason. Due to its superior performance TREEN is offered as a professional fever screening thermograph for most demanding requirements in field of detection of fever caused by coronavirus.

It should be noted that Inframet offers also specialized TYFEV systems for testing fever screening thermographs.

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